I watch a lot of movies, or so it seems to me. Part of the purpose of this blog is to comment on them. I like to think that I’m fairly discriminating in my movie opinions, but at the same time I’m also pretty indiscriminate on what I’ll watch. Everybody’s tastes are different; to some degree I’d rather watch something and decide about it rather than refuse to watch it based on other’s reactions. Some of my favorite movies have low IMDB ratings, for example.

Movie comments that I make here are filed under the category “movies” and I use tags to subcategorize them. Tags include:

  • movie log – a log entry, noting the fact that I watched a movie on the stated date. The log entry may contain a few facts about the movie and some observations.
  • movie mini-review – some notes and thoughts about the film, without going into deep detail or attempting any kind of analysis. Usually this is as much of a review as I’ll do.
  • movie review – some sort of commentary on the movie that’s more than a mini-review. These will be separated from a movie log.

and others as needed.

Movie log entries will be triggered by a viewing of a movie; posts that aren’t movie logs may be spurred by nothing in particular. For some movies that I don’t want to comment on at any length, or if I’ve become lazy and forgotten to update the blog in a while, I’ll throw together a bunch into a “movie bag” posting.

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