The name “revmem”

At first glance, people seem to think that the “rev” in “revmem” has some religious connotation, like “Reverend” or “reverent.” Coincidentally there is a fairly well-known gospel singer with my name, so maybe that leap of logic is not so huge.

“revmem” comes from a habit that I have of trying to spell something backwards if the forward spelling is not acceptable. Usually any place where I try to register already has my initials “mem” taken or reserved, and there isn’t really much I can gain by trying to spell it backwards. So at some point I tacked on the prefix “rev” to indicate “reverse.” And that’s what “revmem” means — “mem” spelled backwards.

As an added plus, if you actually spell “revmem” backwards, you get “Me, MVer” which is what I am (co-founder and co-owner of an ISP called “MV Communications” here in NH.)

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